Jim's Bio

Feather detail Jim Kolbenschlag is a visual artist working in Socorro, New Mexico, U.S.A. His current work uses crop circle formations in conjunction with American Indian painted pottery designs. These pieces are one-off wall-hung relief sculptures made of wood. The images are cut from one quarter inch thick wood and are affixed to a disk of wood. Standard woodworking power and hand tools are used followed by a great deal of hand sanding. The compositions are an attempt to explore the possible spiritual connections between the crop circle phenomenon and the body of work produced by pre-historic and historic American Indian artists. Kolbenschlag has a Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting from the Cleveland Institute of Art, and a Master of Fine Art in Sculpture from Cornell University. Kolbenschlag says "My work has many influences, some from Art History, some from natural nature and some from man-made nature. The most important attempt with each piece is to make a beautiful object. Something that often shows up in my work is the use of a complex three-dimensional quality on a two-dimensional surface."

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